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December 12, 2013
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Dunelight | Application | TWG | Relationships + by rainwolfeh Dunelight | Application | TWG | Relationships + by rainwolfeh
"Dunepaw," Kindlestar called out, the clan having already quieted while she concentrated on her surroundings, and she waited for the bald she cat to step forward.  "You have trained under Darktail, and despite your mentor's gentle nature, you seem to have the heated mentality that makes most FireClan cats belong wholeheartedly in our clan.  You have had much to endure, your differences sometimes seeming more open to those around you than you might like.  This has made you stubborn, self conscious, and defensive, raising walls even to those who try to befriend you.  However, you show this same drive when caring for your clan, showing more dedication than most apprentices your age would ever show.  Much like the dunes you were named after, you resist even the harshest of winds, creating barriers that protect you... but perhaps if you were to see yourself shining in the same light those who care for you do, you will see the beauty they see in you," Kindlestar mewed gently to the bald apprentice as Dunepaw looked up at her, her lips slightly parted at the speech the leader had just done for her.  "From this moment on," the petite she cat continued, "you will be known as Dunelight.  StarClan honors your dedication, and we welcome you as a full warrior of FireClan."

"Dunelight!  Dunelight!" the warriors of FireClan cried out, this time with a bit more force, Dawncloud's voice carrying out over the others, and even a timid Desertrose poking her head out from the nursery's den to look down at the bald kit she had cared for so many moons ago.


Name: Dunelight
Age: 18 moons
Rank: Apprentice
Clan: FireClan
Mate: "Yeah...right."

Breed: Unknown- resembles a Sphynx or similar, but mother was coated.
Barely average in height, long ears and legs, thin, average length tail.
Extras:  Dunelight now sports a collection of scars from a fight with the DawnClan apprentice, Lilypaw, the most notable being across the bridge of her muzzle, on either shoulder and a long scar across her rear.

Dunelight is in actuality a sweet young she-cat with an enormous heart, but she hides that behind an icy, defensive wall. Desperate and determined to prove herself, she seemsdefensive and harsh at the outset, afraid to be emotionally hurt. She's very self conscious of her lack of fur, but tries to act like she doesn't care and is immune to what other cats think. This is entirely false, however. She takes training very seriously, but loves every moment of it and sees boundless wonder and opportunity in the world. Fiercely loyal and at times sharp tongued. Tries to keep up a 'tough, could care less' image but is actually extremely sensitive. Once she opens up she's playful and competitive, and mostly just wants to be accepted for who she is-by herself as well.

Eager to learn
- Swift and nimble
- Tough exterior; relatively tolerant of pain
- Fiercely loyal
- Dedicated

Hairless, sensitive to the sun
- Pawpads and skin easily burn
- Self Conscious
- Relatively low self esteem
- Can be sharp tongued and hotheaded

Mentor: Former: Darktail
Apprentice: Birdpaw

Brief history:

Dunekit was born as a single kit to a very pompous, vain queen named Lilyose, who rejected her only daughter at birth and refused to take care her or even bestow upon the little one a name, seeing her as a shame and disappointment.
She was not unloved, however. The tiny newborn kitten was immediately taken in by an adoptive queen who nursed her, raised her, and was fiercely overprotective of the little one she named "Dunekit".



:bulletblue: Close friend
:bulletpink: Friend
:bulletyellow: Crush
:bulletred: Love
:heart: Mate
:bulletpurple: Respect
:bulletwhite: Neutral
:bulletgreen: Acquaintance / Like
:bulletorange: Discomfort/Dislike
:bulletblack: Strongly Dislike
Strikethrough Deceased/StarClan member


Kindlestar :bulletpurple: She's our leader. She is pretty great.

Twopelt :bulletpurple: Our deputy.

Emberstripe :bulletpurple: The medicine cat of FireClan.

Darktail :bulletpurple::bulletwhite: mentor. I hope I can be good enough in his eyes. *ducks head*
:bulletpurple::bulletwhite: I haven't talked to him in...a long time.

Ivorybird :bulletpink::bulletpurple: She...she's nice.



Adderpaw :bulletpink::bulletyellow: He...he's different. N-no, I don't like him, I'm not that mousebrained! A FireClanner could never be with a MoonClanner...n-not that I'd want to be, or-or anything. He's just a furball. StarClan, why? He's so...he's sweet. F-for a furball. *flattens ears and glances away* Mousedung.

:bulletpink::bulletyellow: We met by the border. H-he's...he's everything to me. Never before have I been able to be myself around a cat, to truly have...a friend. I...I l-love you Adderpaw. You're the best friend any cat could ask for. So...thank you.

:bulletpink:bulletyellow::bulletred: I miss you. Hazefire said you gained a warrior name left. Adderstrike. It fits you.

Hazefire :bulletpurple::bulletgreen: I met him by the border. He's...not like any cat I've ever met before. He made me think. About myself.



Silentbreeze :bulletorange::bulletwhite: That DawnClan cat...all I did was tell her she smelled...but just wait, when I'm a warrior, she'll never be able to beat me again!

:bulletorange::bulletwhite: I haven't seen her again. Good.

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It seems that Dunelight is Birdpaw (… )'s mentor! ; u ; would you like to roleplay?
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She wasn't sure how long she'd been pacing in front of the apprentice's den, paws sweating from anxiety and skin prickling uneasily as the rut in the sandy rocks grew more well defined. Kindlestar must have had bees in her brains for giving her an apprentice - for StarClan's sake she had been dreading the possibility ever since becoming a warrior, although she'd thought - and hoped it'd be entirely unlikely. After all, what did she have to offer? There were much more capable, qualified warriors - ones who actually had experience with social interaction, ones that could be looked up to. Not an antisocial, hairless wreck like her.

Stomach churning with nerves, she flicked her amber eyes towards the apprentice den, before giving an anxious look at the sun. They'd have to train by morning and late afternoon - unless she wanted to get burnt horribly by the sun. Swallowing, she opened her mouth to call out, then found her voice had gone. She swallowed. What would they do first? What did Darktail teach her? What was she supposed to do? Half wanting to just run off and pretend that she'd been called off on some obscure patrol, she swallowed, terror mounting in her stomach.

She swallowed.

novapup Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  New member
(omfg she's too cute ; u ; poor Duney!)

Birdpaw had been sitting in the apprentice's den feeling as though ants were crawling through her fur all day. She had already talked Archpaw's ears off, asking the older apprentice all about training and how much fun it was and how nice her mentor would be. Saying she was excited was probably an understatement. Even though she had only been an apprentice for a few days she felt like her whole life was leading up to this. She hadn't even met Dunelight for more than a shy 'hello' when they touched noses! She hoped that the few things she'd learned from her older friend about what to do when you accidentally mess up- play it cool and pretend you meant to- would stick when she embarrassed herself in front of Dunelight.

The small apprentice pricked her ears at the sound of her name and her paws itched with excitement. "Play it cool, Birdpaw..." she mumbled before poking her head outside, smiling at the familiar face of her mentor. "H-hi," she mewed, stepping out and trying not to let her nervous energy make her act afool. "Nice to meet you, Dunelight," she added quickly, hoping to be polite. 
rainwolfeh Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Almost as soon as she had spoken she regretted it, her ears burning a painful red, and she was almost ready to bolt, when a cheerful face poked out of the apprentice’s den, and Dunelight’s eyes widened, her heart pounding with an intensity greater than that of the FireClan sun. Birdpaw. Paws sweating heavily, so much so she wouldn’t be surprised if she left salty pawprints in the dust, she swallowed, terror clasping her stomach. She couldn’t do this. Whatever foolish thought about being a mentor she’d had, if any, was gone. This was worse than battle.

”Ah…” She began awkwardly, mouth dry and feeling as if it was laced with cotton. ”Right…you…too.” The hairless she-cat murmured, feeling her entire body burning and tinted pink. Great going, Dunelight.

”So…” She murmured, staring down at Birdpaw, at a complete loss for words. ”Right.” She cleared her throat, anxiety pricking at her skin, completely at a loss for what to say. It was going to be a long, long six moons.

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Border RP with Hazefire? I'm dying trying to find someone to RP him with ;^_^
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