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November 12, 2013
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CHARLEY| Application | TGB by rainwolfeh CHARLEY| Application | TGB by rainwolfeh
Absolutely amazing new ref by the amazing Silvadil! ;V;


Kitname: Splash

True Name: Charley

Breed: Snowshoe / Birman / DSH / Bengal x. {Moggy}

Tribe: Exile - currently living in Pheasant Woods with Black-Fire Psych.
Tattoo: Black-Fire
Age:  24 moons

Powers: Primary


Skills 1-13





Build: Charley is a smaller-than-average, slim cat with long, slim legs, sleek, medium length fur with a longer, spiky tuft on her forehead, chest and scruff, large pointed ears and a short, half-bob tail. Her size is inherited from her now aging mother, Aarui.

Fur: Charley's fur is medium in length, exceptionally soft to the touch and, due to being slightly longer than the rest of her body, spikes around her neck, scruff, and forehead. Her bangs are long and spiy, and often rests on her muzzle due to its length. Being in her adulthood, it's not expected to grow much more than it already has. In exile her fur has grown more unkempt and is rarely seen fully groomed.

Head: Charley's head is neat and well proportioned, with fluffy, outward-sweeping cheek fur. Her ears large and pointed, with a tuft of white fur, and are extraordinarily expressive, like her unknown brother, Ashon's. Her eyes are a beautiful, sky blue, with a darker pupil. She is no longer as easy to read as she was as an adolescent, instead hiding her emotions behind an icy, aggressive wall.

Tail: Her tail is a small, half-bob, not expressed in either of her parents or any of her siblings. Fluffy despite its length, it's often held slightly lower than her backline, but is equally expressive as her eyes and ears. Her fur comes into a neat, rounded tip here, and doesn't spike quite as much as her scruff and chest does.

Color: Charley is a beautiful ginger piebald tabby; predominately white with splashes of tabby and ginger. Her exotic coloring is primarily the reason for her kitname, "Splash."


- A ragged scar across her throat from a fight with the late Orange-Fire Artemis.
- Four clawmarks marring her tattoo
- A mostly blinded eye from the infection of her exile scars

Accessories: None.

Due to her size, her strength is lacking.
Her intelligence, speed and agility, however, make up for this.
She will never back away from a fight.
Her balance isn't affected by her half-bob tail as, having had it from birth, she has not known anything else.


Energetic - Tomboyish - Observant - Defensive -Fiery -Sharp-Tongued -Confident -Prideful
|| -- Defensive

As Charley has matured, the fire that once kindled in her heart has overwhelmed her, and she is well known to be, as her friend Fadri puts it 'the fiercest smith in Fire Tribe'. Perhaps due to her size, her upbringing, or her profession, she is highly defensive and quick to jump to conclusions. Constantly determined to prove her worth, she constantly jumps into battle without putting much thought into it, either physically or a battle of wits. Defensive and with a constant scowl on her face, she is used to conflict and is hardened by it. Rarely does she approach a situation or cat with a smile - the few exceptions being the Green-Earth Fadri, Green-Earth Kokkinos, Green-Water Percy and even the Green-Light Averett, though he has yet to be blessed with her compassion- and instead heads into a situation with glaring eyes and pinned ears. Compliments, whether on her craft or flirtatious side comments, make her unbelievably uncomfortable and will most likely result in the aforementioned cat being given a harsh insult or shove.

|| // Confident

For the most part, outwardly, Charley seems to radiate confidence, and maybe even cockiness, which has a habit of driving cats away. She has caused fights, or been part of such on more than one occasion, and almost all participants have some sort of token from said events, whether lingering insults or physical scars. Often charging into fights, she usually finds herself completely and utterly beaten, having been trained as a smith and had no formal fight training. This doesn't stop her, however, and is known to go down claws unsheathed and teeth bared. Her losses have yet to stop her from charging into battles better avoided. Overly prideful, she absolutely abhors accepting any form of help, and would rather face something herself than deal with another. The only exception to this rule is those she will allow herself to show any form of weakness to - this being, as of the present, only the Green-Earth Kokkinos.

|| -- Sharp Tongued

Her tongue is about as sharp as her claws, and few cats know the warmth and love that this Orange-Fire, whether you'd like to believe it or not, can give. Any attempts at conversation with this blunt Orange-Fire usually results in rejection - for fear of getting hurt more than anything else, but she would never admit this, nor any weakness. Brilliant in mind, she uses this to her advantage to brew particularly stinging insults or anything that will get a cat to stop bothering her. She does not dislike company-she actually craves it, but her nature naturally makes her hard to get along with, which has, as such, soured any further attempts to make friends. Following the death of the Orange-Shadow Artemis (which she is still unaware of her passing) she has been even more closed off and defensive - any hint that she might have caused the death of another cat she denies wholeheartedly - though deep inside she is absolutely terrified of the truth.

|| // Energetic

"Can we start now? Hurry up!"

Charley is herself a ball of fiery energy. She loves to run and go on small-scale adventures throughout Fire-Tribe territory,, and now, the entirety of Nandryx. Having her two closest friends being Earth Tribers, she has found herself wandering closer around there lately, and avoiding Fire Tribe other than when she smiths. Upon first meeting others, however, she seems to be a completely different cat. She gets flustered upon meeting others her own age, and would rather avoid their gaze than look them in the eye and be instant-best-friends with them. Despite her rough, fiery exterior she is terrified of being judged, and is therefore cautious on who she allows herself to get close to. Once she trusts a cat fully, however, she is her usual, energetic, competitive, what're-you-waiting-for-let's-go self. In short she is quiet and can be hesitant when first meeting others, but upon getting closer to them she's the usual ball of fire most of her tribemates know her to be. If she finds or considers herself betrayed she holds this deep within her heart, and will only allow that cat into her life after some time and convincing.
|| ++Observant,

Charley has a fascination with the world she lives in, and a love for the endless wonder she constantly finds in it. She especially has a fascination with her tribe's element, and is entirely devoted to her newly earned profession of smithing. She constantly wants to learn and discover more, and put her own twist on her tribemates' teachings. She looks forward to being able to work with all sorts of metal and learn everything there is to know...and then discover more. She will constantly try to work harder, learn more and be the very best she can be in whatever she sets her mind to - her intelligence is striking, and matched only by her fiery curiousity. However, she will refuse any sort of help and insists on figuring things out herself...unless said cat wants a claw across the ear.

|| // Tomboyish

Mud? Dirt? This Fire Triber couldn't care less. Possibly due to her being raised in a litter of rowdy toms, (though even if she was raised in a litter of all she-cats she wouldn't have turned out any differently) she is a complete and utter tomboy who loves to get down and dirty. Fiery, energetic and stubborn all describe this bright young cat, and perhaps this adventurous spirit is what led her to follow in her elder brother, Talon's pawsteps to join the tribes. A ball of fire, she is constantly raring and ready to go, and loves wrestling and playing as much as any tom-or she-kit alike. Though she reached her twelfth moon before at last joining her tribe, she is still very naive and curious, even moreso than her wayward brother. She acts barely more than a kitten herself on most occasions, and her lively spirit is an enormous part of it. Though she finds it hard to be introduced to others, and usually snaps at any attempts to befriend her, her comfort comes naturally if she meets a cat just as playful and mischeivous as she is - and will find herself laughing and playing with them almost without her realizing she let her guard down.

|| --Stubborn, Rash // Competitive

Along with her fiery personality comes a stubborness that can even make the most rigid of cats weary. Though not always the type to jump to conclusions on other cats, once she does she is adamant and fiercely backs her thoughts. If something she feels breaks her own code of values, she will fight against it and will refuse to back down. SShe can be reckless in her games and adventures, and sometimes jumps headfirst into situations without thinking of the consequences. Charley does have a playful competitive streak - and will never back down from a challenge. She loves challenging others to small competitions - who can run the fastest, who can climb the highest - and will do her absolute best to come out on top.

|| ++ Kind Interior

Behind the flame is always the gentle air used to nurture it and help it grow - despite her rough exterior, once she grows close and allows herself to open up completely to a cat they will discover that sweet, gentle center - the part of her that loves affection and companionship, the part of her that stays pure and innocent, no matter the situation. Charley is like a ball of sunlight - or fire, whichever you prefer. Only to those she trusts wholly with her hearts does the hardened air leave her eyes, the tenseness leave her muscles. And reveals who she really is.

As she has grown, she has become less trusting of cats, and is quick to hold grudges. When she does, it's likely she won't open up or trust that cat for a long time after. If she entrusts a cat with her heart, whether in friendship or otherwise, she trusts them more than anything - and if they break that trust, it is catastrophic for her, and only then will she fall into a quiet air unlike herself and will take a long time to open up again.

In short...

Observant, Kind Interior
-- Stubborn, Rash, Defensive, Sharp Tongued
// Competitive, Tomboyish, Energetic

Likes + Dislikes

+ Warm weather
+ Fire
+ Roughhousing
+ Mud
+ Mischief
+ Exploring
+ Rabbit
+ Her tribe
+ Her family
+ Fun
+ Crawfish
+ Castail
+ Psych
+ Fadri

- Cold
- Getting wet - mud is okay, but plain water? No!
has an uncanny fear of water
- Being/being told to be 'ladylike'
- Sitting still
- Being sick or stuck in camp
- Having her trust broken
- Being introduced to others/being judged
- Feeling betrayed
- Fear of any sort of piercing
- Lyanna


Brief Backstory:

Ashon, Charley's older brother, was born in the land of the exiles, to two former tribecats who, when the tribes had fought moons before, refused to take part in the devastating war, and were, as a result, banished, their tattoos scarred and faded to gray. His father, Talaru, a strong, well muscled black shadow-triber tom with faded stripes, and a tattoo and tribe that mirrored the exact opposite of his personality, had met his mother, the (now former) orange-fire Aarui, when they were just apprentices after a minor border dispute, and despite their awkward beginnings and bristling hackles had somehow grown close, and constantly visited each other at the border, sometimes even leaving small gifts for the other hidden among the brambles, but as the tension between tribes grew their ability to meet was nearly impossible, and even the gifts had to come to an end as vigilance increased. Ultimately, upon refusing to fight, they, along with a handful of other cats who either refused to fight or retaliated were banished from their former homes to fend for themselves.

Neither cat knew the other had been exiled until after nearly a moon of solitary life and their tattoos had long since faded to gray. Talaru, who had been dozing on the outstretched branch of a large oak, had been awoken by rustling twings and branches, and silently slithered down the tree to confront the intruder. His threatening hiss, however, was soon replaced by a cry of disbelief, as he recognized the cat who 'trespassed' as being his beloved Aarui. Recognizing his voice, the she-cat spun around and at the two were, at last, reunited, as if the spirits themselves wanted them together, albeit their reunion was surely by complete and utter chance. Needless to say, each was as overjoyed as the other and were never seen apart; becoming completely inseperable. Their lives, which had been shattered and thrown off balance without their tribes were at last healed, and after hunting together for nearly a season cycle the two officially became mates, and their new life began; tattoos scarred but spirits not.

Countless season cycles later, Talon was born along with two siblings, a smaller, pale tabby sister, Sparrow, and a grumpy, dark furred brother about his size, but with a more heavily built structure. His parents, his father especially, had always told them about the tribes, each night describing a different aspect about their life, their legends, their territories. When Talon had reached his first year of life, he left his mother, father and siblings to join the newly-returned tribes.

Talaru, Aarui, Crow and Sparrow hadn't heard from him since he had left, and the mates continued their quiet life living in the heart of Pheasant Woods. As the remaining kittens of their first litter grew, they dispersed to find their own lives in the vast spreading land of Nandryx, and, not long after, Aarui found she was expecting a second litter of kittens.

Splash was born the only daughter in a litter of four. Her mother doted on her especially, and hoped for her to grow up into a beautiful young lady like her elder sister, Sparrow, who had been a quiet, sweet, respectable young she-cat. Splash, on the other paw, had other plans. The fiery young she-cat tolerated her mother's meticulous grooming on one condition - that as soon as she was all tidy and clean she could go rough and tumble with her brothers and father, who delighted in his daughter's spirit.

The small hollow beneath a spreading oak was home to the young kitten and her family, but as she grew so did her curiousity. As he had done with his first litter, every night he regaled them with tales of the tribes - and as her older brother, Talon had been, she, along with her mischeivous brother Thunder, was hooked.

Splash grew even more excited when she learned her older brother had left many moons before to join them. He was there! A tribe-cat! It was then she vowed to herself that someday, when she was old enough, she would follow in his pawsteps and find him, joining him into the life she knew she was meant to a tribe-cat.

Upon being accepted into Fire-Tribe and being blessed by the Fire-Spirit with her true name, she felt as if at last, she was truly where she was meant to be - where she had always been meant to be. In that moment that her tattoo flared into color, she knew that she was a Fire-Triber, and always would be. And she carried that knowledge with the deepest honor and pride a cat could have.

Father: Talaru, grey-shadow [deceased, presumed in eden] Adopted: Kokkinos, Castail
Mother: Aarui, grey-fire [deceased, presumed in eden]
Older brothers: Crow, grey-shadow [born exile, whereabouts unknown] Ashon, Green-Water [born exile, current Water Tribe Guard]
Older sister: Sparrow, grey-air [born exile, whereabouts unknown]
Brothers: Snow, grey-light, Ember, grey-fire, Thunder, grey-air. [Born exile - whereabouts and intentions unknown] Adopted: Psych

Attractions: Green Earth Fadri ( eue )


Profession: Former Smith.

Soulbound: To-Be Green-Fire Psych.


Extra stuff:

Voice Actor:
Alison Scagliotti - Claudia Donovan, Warehouse 13
Absolutely adores the Silver-Fire, Castail, and holds him in her highest regard. She is one of the very few cats she respects and he is more or less her idol. If he gets upset with her (which is always) she'll act very similar to that of a submissive dog around him - trying to earn back his affections.
-Likes thinking of herself as Castail's favorite.
-Loves snuggles.
-Slightly sadistic sense of humor, but is actually mortified at the thought of killing another cat.
-Takes pride in being the Fiercest Smith in Fire Tribe, and often instigates fights. Fadri's finding this attractive has not helped dull down that trait in the slightest.
-Takes out her annoyance on Psych, often by lying on him or chewing on his ears. She absolutely loves him though, and much as she calls him a dork and an idiot she couldn't imagine living without him.
-Adores Earth Tribers in general.
-Very possessive over friendships - will beat the crap out of anyone she thinks is a threat or treat them none too nicely.
-Depsite being Bisexual, gets along very badly in general with most other females and rarely finds them attractive. The exceptions to this are Hazel, Suri and perhaps Sonya.
-Has a nasty habit of lighting herself on fire, especially as a last resort in battle. (Sorry Artemis, Juliet, future victims)
-Fadri tho.

Roleplay example

Beaming with warmth at Fadri's reaction, Charley stuck out her tongue playfully as he batted at her ears, unable to hold back a purr of pride and affection from rising up in her throat. It was a simple action, his touch, but for some reason it made her heart soar with a blazing brilliance unmatched even by her activated tattoo. She felt aglow inside and for a heartbeat a goofy grin spread across her face before she immediately caught herself, and with a cough she forced a serious frown to tug at her maw, refusing to accept the fact that she had, in any way at all, reacted the way she did. He was her best friend, right? That was all. Nothing more - she would never go all dumb and mushy over some tom, would she? She scowled, angered that her mind had even went there. She wasn't some stupid, sissy excuse for  a she-cat.
She gave herself a vigorous shake, then perked an ear as Fadri's voice rose up and, as her gaze rose to follow his, a grin defeated the poignant frown that she had desperately planted on her muzzle as she took in the sight before her, and excitement bubbled in her chest. Dozens, no...hundreds of fiery bugs had seemed to drop from the sky like stars, and a devilish smile tore across her muzzle as she took it all in. "Betcha I can!" She shot back, her previous annoyance forgotten as Charley beamed at him and pawed at the earth. Purring she jumped forward and nipped at his muzzle before bounding off, the glowing creatures surrounding her with an ethereal sort of air that made everything in the world seem right. Heck, who cares if she liked him, at least a little? She was alight with energy, so incredibly alive! A bubbling laugh escaped her muzzle as the Orange-Fire leapt into the air, eyes shining with a sort of kitlike energy that hadn't been present in moons. This was amazing, it was the most brilliant thi-
Hack! Her joyous frolic screeched to a halt as one of the creatures buzzed down her throat, and with a gagging cough she spit out the creature, blinking in surprise as the glowing substance trickled onto her paw with the same luminescence it had held during it's flight. With a confused blink she knitted her eyebrows together and strained to look at her tongue, to find that a streak of the stuff had tinged it a glowing yellow, and  despite the rather bitter, medicinal taste it held a grin crawled up her face, a sort of (minutely morbid) joy at the stuff glowing in her eyes. Whatever the creatures held within their bodies, it wasn't fire, but they glowed!
"Hey, Fadri!" She yowled, a wicked grin tugging at her maw as she bounded back at him, gently slapping the luminescent paw over his eye and leaving a subtley glowing streak on his fur. Unable to hold back a laugh, she stuck out her tongue which still held a luminous glow, and she half laughed, half snorted as she grinned up at the now-slightly-glowing Earth Triber.

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